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The Central Florida Expressway Authority initiated construction on the new SR-516 toll road with wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging capabilities, linking Highway 27 to State Road 429.  This innovative road will embed inductive charging coils, transferring energy wirelessly to EVs as they travel along the road. Initially, EV charging will be limited to a test fleet, with plans to accommodate all EV types in the future.

Detroit, Michigan was the first city in the U.S. to utilize this new technology, with a quarter mile electric-charging road opening in November 2023.  Other states such as Indiana and California currently have wireless road projects in the works as well.  However, Florida’s SR-516 will be the nation’s first ever newly constructed highway to embrace the technology.

In addition to providing EV drivers with additional battery, the road will greatly benefit commuters between Lake and Orange counties as this region continues to see rapid growth. Sean Parks, a CFX Board Member, expressed astonishment at the technological and strategic aspects of the project.

The land needed for this road has been acquired through eminent domain during the Right of Way Acquisition phase.  The first phase of construction, with a budget of over $218 million, was unanimously approved in December, and the entire expressway is projected to be completed by 2027.