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When dealing with an Eminent Domain case, you are in a stressful place through no fault of your own. Though there are times in the state of Florida when eminent domain is necessary, that does not make it any less of a stressful and inconvenient situation. The good news is that the state has regulations and processes in place to protect you; however, it is necessary to have full knowledge of these in order to receive the compensation you deserve. It is your right to have a firm like Policastro Law Group by your side through the whole process.

It is important to have a lawyer that understands the law and will fight to get you the highest compensation possible. It is also necessary to have a lawyer that has all of the resources, experience, and network of professionals capable of getting you the benefits you deserve.

The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution states: “…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” In addition to the constitutional provision for just compensation, United States and Florida law provide limitations on what the state can and cannot do with or to your property.

You deserve full compensation for your losses and you are also entitled to representation by a lawyer at no cost to you. Again, you are in this situation because your property was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The state is coming in to take your property or business; therefore, it is only right and fair to receive proper representation at no cost.

Proper representation includes not having to worry about whether your lawyer is working for you, doing the right things, making the correct moves, and using the right tools and resources. Policastro Law Group is committed to answering your calls and e-mails and keeping you updated on your case.

Policastro Law Group is founded upon the idea of creating a law firm dedicated to personalized service. We pride ourselves on our prompt responsiveness and availability to the client at all times. We continuously keep you updated and informed on your case status, and confirm you fully understand what is going on at every step of the process.

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