His professionalism and can-do attitude impressed me

Our case involved an established family farm and retail location that has been operated by our family since 1945.

I decided to retain Mr. Policastro’s firm after meeting him in person at our site. His professionalism and can-do attitude impressed me. I wasn’t disappointed.

What impressed me the most about Mr. Policastro and his associate Mr. Ryder is their response time. If I called with a question or concern they responded immediately. I have had experiences with other law firms that require multiple calls to get a response.

Mr. Policastro assembled an impressive team of engineers, appraisers, CPA’s and other professionals. The team worked to address issues concerning drainage, loss of use, loss of access and business damages. I was very pleased with the final results. Not only did Mr. Policastro obtain far more monetary compensation than I ever expected, he negotiated cures relating to drainage and access for our land.

I would recommend Mr. Policastro’s firm to anyone with an eminent domain case.

— Dan Nelson, Nelson Family Farms, Ft. Pierce, Florida
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