Partial taking from a gas station/convenience store.

The site’s stormwater collection/management system was severely impacted by the taking as several components of the system were located within the take area. Also within the take area was a parking space. Following the taking, extensive site modifications were required to restore the functionality of the site’s stormwater collection/management system. These modifications necessitated the loss of a further two parking spaces, leaving the site with seven parking spaces out of its original ten.

As part of the roadway project, the property’s two driveways along its southern frontage were eliminated and replaced with a single driveway. Whereas the two lost driveways had been centered on the fueling positions on either side of the convenience store, the reestablished driveway was misaligned with the convenience store improvements, creating internal circulation problems on top of the site compression caused by the taking itself. This left the site a less desirable and less valuable location even after the implementation of post-taking site modifications.

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