Partial taking from shopping center.

The partial taking from both road frontages of this shopping center reduced the width of the site’s exterior drive aisles and included 34 prime parking spaces. One of the narrowed drive aisles was no longer capable of supporting two-way traffic as a result of the taking. The other impacted drive aisle, while still capable of two-way traffic, was too close to the widened roadway to allow for safe turning movements when entering the property. Site modifications removing or relocating various internal improvements restored the two-way functionality of the first drive aisle and safe turning movements of the other. Two parking spaces were also restored by the site modifications.

The property experienced significant damages even with the implementation of the site modifications however, including the loss of 32 parking spaces, the placement of one of the property’s driveways on a dedicated right hand turn lane, loss of building setbacks, and overall site compression.

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