Thanks for the extra million

My case involved a large commercial site in Pensacola, Florida where the business I had grown for twenty-five years was located. The case included multiple parcels of land, the business and all the business equipment and fixtures. It was a multi-million dollar decision of a lifetime for myself and my family.

Tony asked that I meet with their team of experts to discuss my situation so, I made what was to become one of the most important journeys of my life. Tony, other members of the firm and staff were all assembled for me along with an engineer, appraiser, certified general contractor, CPA, and other specialist. I left this meeting feeling comfortable, informed and confident that I had an experienced team out front on my case.

As I watched Tony perform during our first hearing in front of the judge I became more confident and secure in the expected outcome of my case. Tony was successful in pointing out deficiencies in the State’s case and the strengths of our position. I believe his abilities at this hearing bolstered our prospects considerably for the upcoming negotiations with the Florida Department of Transportation.

In preparation for the negotiation appraisals were coordinated, reconstruction costs calculated, aerial photographs provided and financial statements reviewed so business damages could be estimated. Throughout the entire process I was kept informed and “in the loop.” Everyone in the firm and all the experts were available to answer my questions.

The result of this combined effort is that I have been able to restart my life comfortably and begin to rebuild my business in a new location. There is an old saying; “Thanks a million.” I’d like to say to Tony, and the team, “thanks for the extra million.” That is how much I received above what the State originally offered in settlement.

— Dennis C. Paedae Jr., Bay City Blues, Gulf Breeze, Florida
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